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Taking Her Swimming on the First Date. Is It a Good Idea?

There is a trend of wearing a decent amount of makeup. Many guys who see the photos of makeup transformations on social media start to joke that nowadays, it’s necessary to take the girl swimming to see her real face. Such jokes gave rise to widespread mistrust of girls’ selfies. If this prejudice stops you from meeting women online, visit Ashleymadison because all girls here are real. Moreover, this service is an amazing option for all who fail to meet and date people in real life. All people deserve to be happy, and Ashley Madison helps people to achieve happiness.
However, some guys decide to go swimming not only because they have trust issues associated with makeup. They just seem that walking in the park and having a coffee is outdated and boring. In any case, you have to inform the girl about your plans and ask her opinion. If you’ll arrange a meeting and won’t tell your date where you go, taking her swimming won’t be a good idea. In all other cases, it’s an interesting way to spend time together. Here are the reasons to go swimming on the first date:

1. You can praise her makeup

Even if your date agreed to visit the swimming pool, the chances that she won’t wear makeup at all are rather low. Quite the opposite, she’ll do her best to make the most long-lasting makeup she can do. Be sure all girls like when men pay attention to their makeup and appreciate their skills. It’s not so hard for you to say how good she looks today, or wonder how she did this amazing eyeliner that’s not affected by water.

2. You can have fun

When you go on a traditional date in a cafe, coffee shop, or park, awkwardness and confusion will be your best friends for the next couple of hours. We don’t say that the swimming pool guarantees you two become liberated and feel free easily, but this activity helps people become closer easily. You may just swim and talk, or play any water games if your date loves being active. Be sure that you won’t get bored.

3. You can be who you are

Those people who agree to go swimming, agree to be natural, and show yourself to another person in all your glory. If you two are mature personalities, visiting a swimming pool can become a good way to know the real you. Even if you don’t like the body of your date, you’ll start looking on her face and listening to what she says more attentively, and as a result, you fell in love with her personality. And it’s more important for life than being in love with someone’s body.

4. It’s good for your health

Besides the fact that swimming is a sport, and sport is necessary for everyone, you may attend the spa complex’s swimming pool and have a few recreational procedures. Ask your girl whether she’ll mind having a mineral bath or so. The majority of modern girls will be thrilled with such a surprise.